Service Bundles

Service Bundles will be offered to help simplify the process of ordering and managing phone service.  See chart below for a quick view of offerings.  Click here for a more detailed Service Description for Harvard Phone.

For information about all options available as well as Centrex rate comparisons click here:  Sample Service Bundles

Service Bundle
End User Feature Portal
Supports >1 line
Online Phone Directory
Single Number Reach
Soft Phone Client Laptop (Jabber)
Soft Smartphone Mobile Client (Jabber)
Supports up to 4 Devices
Basic x x            
Office x x x x x x x x
Office-Soft Phone only x x   x x x x x



Harvard Phone Service Offering

User Requirements

Sample Use Case

Service Device Type

Monthly Rate


Public space or areas with basic telephony needs.  Speakerphone included. No voicemail or conference button on the set, but these feature are available.

Open areas, hallways, small conference rooms, labs offices with basic phone needs.

Cisco 3905





Users with moderate to high telephony needs.  Choice of desk phone and/or smartphone client (Jabber) on multiple deviecs (Laptop, desktop, mobile phone, iPad).  Deskphone option supports 4 lines and GigE interface.  Support for Single Number Reach (SNR) & BYOP.

Faculty or staff office worker; mobile or international office worker; small conference rooms; BYOP.

Cisco 7841 and Jabber soft client



Office – Soft Phone Only (Jabber Only)

Users who choose to forgo a desk phone and use the soft phone (jabber) client only. Available on multiple devices (laptop, ipad, smartphone).


Staff or office worker with more mobile needs or nontraditional work styles, international or work at home user; BYOP.


Soft client (Jabber)


Call Coverage

Administrator who manages and covers phone functions for many users in his/her department. One sidecar has support for up to 23 directory numbers. An additional sidecar expands to 41 numbers.  Voicemail, SNR and  soft phone are included. GigE desktop interface.  Power Brick recommended.

Administrator covering and managing phone service for up to 41 other people.

Cisco 8851 w/sidecar(s)



Conference Room  (Wired)

Larger conference rooms with interactive needs; high quality speaker phone and option for distributed microphones. Power brick recommended.

Conference rooms

Cisco 8831



Conference Room (Wireless) Larger conference rooms with interactive needs; high quality speaker phone. Wireless handset with a charging base station.  Review Mobility solutions before installing a wireless Konftel.  This is a 3rd Party Device and has service limitations. See Conference rooms Konftel 300wx $34.75
Virtual Lines Software number with no set or endpoint.  Shared directory number across multiple endpoints (up to 20) Main Department Number No set/device $3.10
ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) For use for an analog device that does not have a VOIP equivilent such as TTY, Radio broadcast equipment, Biamap and Crestron DSPs. Biamp DSPs, Crestron DSPs, TTY devices, Radio Broadcast Equipment CISCO ATA191 $24.50
Elevator, alarm, panic button, postage meter,  blue light, fax, emergency

Services that are exempt from Harvard Phone service at this time. These may potentially shrink over time.  These services will be reevaluated at a future time.


These service types will stay on analog legacy Centrex

FY19 Centrex Rates Apply