Important E911 Information for your Safety


911 is an important safety service

When you dial 911 from a desk phone, the following information is typically available to the emergency operator

  • phone number
  • address where the phone is located

Because address information is tied to the phone, Please Do Not Move Your Harvard Phone

  • If you need to move your phone to a different office, floor or building please call your local help desk and provide the new address information
  • Keeping phone location information current is critical to your safety and that of others

When calling 911 from your cell phone

  • Do not call from your Jabber softphone client, use the cell phone key pad
  • Give explicit location information – Phone GPS:
    • Gives the emergency responder an ‘approximate’ address location (within 300 feet of the mobile device)
    • Will not show floor location if you are in a multi-story building or a basement

But, despite all our efforts, the information may not always be complete

  • Remember to tell the 911 operator your name and location information
  • Give explicit room, floor, and quadrant of building information to help emergency responders locate you