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The Learning Center is your portal to educational resources and instructor lead phone and feature classes for Harvard Phone.

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Instructional Presentation-Jabber (PC) and Harvard Account

Instructional Presentation-Jabber (Mac) and Harvard Account

Harvard Phone is the University’s new cloud based VoIP phone and voice mail service.  Over the next few years Harvard faculty and staff will be converted to the new service.  Harvard phone will bring a modern set of phones and features to support the way we work and communicate today.


Before your conversion:  Take a moment to set up your new voice mail box.  Click here to get for information and instructions: 

Create your new voice mail box

What can you expect?

New phones will be placed on your desk about a week prior to conversion.  Your old phone will be removed on conversion day.  

    • Take this time to note any speed dials or abbreviated dialing you may have programmed into your old phone as they will need to be pre-programmed into your new phone.

On conversion day you may experience brief, intermittent loss of phone service while conversion completes.  Conversions typically occur before the business day begins unless otherwise specified and communicated well in advance. 

    • Please note:  You may also experience a brief loss of network connectivity to your computer on conversion day.  It is important to save any work that you have on your computer so as not to lose it during the conversion process.

Your phone number will not change and you will still have the capability to dial 5-digits to reach any other Harvard Phone, whether on the current system, or on the new.

Fax, modem and emergency lines will not convert to Harvard Phone at this time. 

You do not need to be present when phones are placed on your desk or during conversion.