Work Remotely


HUIT Communication Services has published User Guidelines for Remote Phone Coverage to help enable staff to work remotely and cover essential phone lines.

We recommend the use of Jabber, Jabber Multiline, Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring (Single Number Reach) be used as the primary means for remote phone coverage.

NEW: Jabber Multiline allows you to use up to eight different phone lines within the Jabber client.  If you use several phone lines for your daily tasks, Multiline allows you to leverage the calling capabilities of each line remotely. (Departmental lines, Faculty phone coverage, Support desk lines, labs, office coverage)

Contact your local contact or Support desk if:

  • the line is not tied to your Harvard Key (Local Line: Department/Office main line)
  • you need to set up Jabber Multiline
  • you require Simultaneous Ring to have more than 4 destinations
  • the line is Virtual and requires Call Forwarding or Simultaneous Ring
  • Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring doesn’t fit your administration requirements
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