• Communicate and Collaborate your way with Harvard Phone

    Harvard Phone will empower the Harvard community with updated tools that will take communicating to the next level

  • Updated phones

    Modern phones with displays and easy to use feature keys will enable better communications

  • Communicate while on the go

    Your laptop can become your phone to allow you to make and receive calls while away from our office

  • Mobility options that keep you connected

    Your Harvard phone number can now ring your cell phone. Your Harvard number is displayed when you make a call

What is Harvard Phone?

Communicating with colleagues at Harvard is about to change.

Technology enhancements have created many ways for people to communicate and collaborate to work more effectively. However, the phone on everyone’s desk has not changed to keep pace with the way we work today.

Harvard Phone is a Harvard IT Strategic Initiative that will transform and modernize the current phone system to improve the way we communicate. The program will:

  • Create a common set of communication and collaboration tools for use across the University that support the way we work today
  • Empower users to update and change phone features anytime, any where through self-service portals
  • Direct calls to reach you where you are, not just at your desk

We are partnering with stakeholders across Harvard to deliver these new services through a multiyear, University wide program. Learn more by attending information sessions or contact us.

Upcoming Events

2017 Apr 27

Harvard Training via WebEx

10:00am to 11:00am


No Sign Up Required - WebEx Only


The Harvard Phone training will provide an overview of how to use your new phone and identifying key features and functions.  Other information will include access and use of your Harvard Phone Account and Jabber.


Please download your Jabber client prior to joining the class.  Instructions and user guides available here:  Jabber User Guides


2017 May 23

Harvard Phone Training

11:00am to 12:00pm


HLS Wasserstein Hall - Room B042



Join us for hands on Harvard Phone training.  In this class we will review phone features and use of your new, Harvard Phone Account to manage your phone features via the web.

Prior to class, please feel free to confirm your access to your Harvard Phone Account.  Please review the Harvard Phone Account User Guide prior to joining the class. Information is available here:  Harvard Phone Account User Guide

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